Arcade game tech project

Students supported by GCSN and ImpactEd are engaged in technology design and manufacture processes across a range of technology contexts

Over the course of terms 2 & 3 a group of year 10 boys had the opportunity to engage in a technology project, building Arcade machines. In collaboration with Christchurch City Libraries, and with funding support from GCSN (Great Christchurch Schools Network) and ImpactEd, students used the Hornby High School technology design process to consider how to best create an arcade machine that suits the community’s needs. Students worked with Josh Campbell (CCC Libraries) to learn CAD skills, and design the arcade cabinet and the vinyl cut graphics. Students then worked with technology teacher Mr Tisch in the workshop to set out their designs on plywood, cut them out, and assemble the cabinets.

Within their groups, these students had to connect up the arcade buttons and joysticks and program these buttons to control the games using a Raspberry Pi. Throughout this project, students have learned a range of design, workshop, and electronic, skills. The finished Arcade Machines will now have a new home, one at South Library for public enjoyment and one in the Hornby High Technology department, available for our students to enjoy.

The project captures some of the best of our Manaiakalani ‘Learn Create Share’ pedagogy, focussed as it is on our vision as ‘he puna auaha a centre of creative excellence’.