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Former Deputy Head Student Haydon Dickie debuts new play

Mrs Clarke and Mrs Beer had the absolute pleasure of going to Little Andromeda on Sunday night to see Reminisce! This was a one act play written and directed by our very own Haydon Dickie! It was a wonderful show. Haydon wrote it early last year and presented it to Little Andromeda who put it in their 2022 programme! He then cast it and a year later had its two night review! 

Amazing and what a display of Creative Excellence! These are the types of life outcomes that can result from our work with Manaiakalani and our ‘Learn Create Share’ approach to learning, an approach that values creativity as an important way to support learning, passion, and interest. He puna auaha, a centre of creative excellence.

Congratulations Haydon. #manahoromaka #hornbypride