Itinerant Music

Forte’s contribution to Performance Music at Hornby High School

The Forte team not only provide students with individual programmes of learning that enable them to participate in a variety of ensembles and performance opportunities, but they also contribute to a range of co-curricular activities and events that showcase students at Hornby High School.

Forte’s RESPONSE to Remote Teaching

As the country moved into lock down, the Forte team made the shift to remote teaching. Despite the obvious difficulties, the team noted a strong uptake of lessons. Some students chose to share video recordings of their performances and receive written feedback, while others preferred Zoom lessons.

Forte’s endeavours to ENHANCE opportunities

Post lock down, many of the community based musical opportunities for students, were cancelled or compromised. To help compensate for this loss, the Forte team have worked hard to engage students with opportunities where possible. On return to school Barbara Mulholland (Voice ITM) identified lesson structure and wellbeing as a central focus to enable students to achieve well in their performances. She has also supported her students as they prepared for their Year 13 vocal/drama night. While they didn’t have time to achieve a full choreograph she reports her vocalists were still able to deliver excellent performances.

In the Spotlight this year:

Marie Gutsell (Piano ITM) would like to commend Cameron Arthur who is always well motivated with excellent organizational skills. He consistently sets himself high standards and works hard to achieve them. Recently he has stepped up, at short notice as a duet partner for a Year 11 student, whose duet partner had suddenly shifted up north.

Joe McCallum (Drum ITM) reports his students Selepa Akeimo and Alyana Pascual have shown great dedication to the instrument, becoming confident versatile drummers who will earn NCEA credits this year. They can read and perform to a high level and have begun to tackle songs with odd time signatures. They both have a great work ethic and are always curious to learn the next piece of the musical puzzle.