It’s all on for Rugby 2023

Hornby boys training with combined Hillmorton Hornby Riccarton First XV

Wednesday afternoon was the final rugby practice of the year for the boys in the combined rugby squad training for the new 2023 Tier 2 first fifteen competition. They have been doing really well this term, their commitment shining in such simple ways at regular reliable attendance at practice and engagement in a range of demanding activities.

Robbie Fruean, the coach, has been amazing with the boys! The skills, the knowledge, and his general approach with the boys, have been outstabnding.

At this week’s training they started with a broncho; the boys weren’t overly excited by this but they all gave it their best shot. Practice finished with Robbie shouting them all pizza’s.

In the new year practices will be starting off close the start of the term and there will be a camp in March at a date to be confirmed. Robbie is also offering some summer fitness sessions over the summer break.

“It’s great for our boys to be given the chance to shine, with so much natural talent amongst the group” said Tumuaki Robin Sutton. “2023 will be an exciting time for sport, and for rugby, at Hornby High School” he said.