SISS Junior Netball Tournament

During the school holidays Coaches Kana Shedlock-Whiu and Ms Bennett took our Junior Netball Squad to the SISS Netball Tournament.

After a tough Day 1 on the courts, the girls went to the hot pools at Ngā Puna Taimoana in New Brighton to experience recovery time.  Some enjoyed the Pludge Cold pool, including myself!  

Day 2 – The girls had a slow start to the day. Wake up was at 6.30am. Some sore bodies but finishing up with 2 massive wins and 1 loss.  The evening finished off with dinner at Fush & having some fun.  
I wanted to finish our last night together awarding & acknowledging some players, and to farewell Susie N who will be departing our team for 6 months.
Most Improved player went to Ada MB.   Ada’s skills and development playing netball continues to grow, her determination to play is remarkable.
Most Committed player went to Susie N.  Every day Susie would come to my office asking for a ball to practice shooting. Her commitment has shown on court.
Most Valuable player went to Shontai R.  Shontai has been outstanding. Shontai exemplifies all the qualities that a coach looks for in an individual and team player athlete. I have had the distinct advantage to work with athletes and netball players of all age groups. During this time you can always tell the individuals who display those attributes which leads to being successful: the passion to “be the best”
I was able to have some one on one korero with them all.  Asking them “what do you want to achieve from this tournament” they have answered to make memories, learn & develop. Shontai’s answer was “to win” ????
It has been an absolute pleasure to spend these last few days with these girls.They have all played incredible.  We have some amazing talent coming through for Junior Netball.