Hornby High School

Student Showcase

Discover your full potential!

We encourage our students to take opportunities to develop their talents and explore their interests in the many activities available at Hornby High School.

Sport plays an important role in life at Hornby High School, with students encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them.

Our vision is to foster ‘enrichment through sport’, and we work hard at all times to encourage students to model and display our school values of Commitment, Achievement, Resilience, and Respect, in all of their activities.

Our impressive sports facilities (which include two full sized gymnasiums, a weights room, six astroturf netball/tennis courts, and irrigated fields) support a wide range of codes and activities.

Why study music?

Music stimulates creativity, imagination, and intuition. Music can help you express ideas and feelings and Music is a universal language. Music courses run for years 9-13, we focus on performance skills, learning how to play instruments, singing waiata, and music appreciation. Music can help build confidence and resilience as it requires students to work with and relate to others, to be empathetic and thoughtful. We study and perform a range of music and have termly showcases for students to share their talents.

We also have six itinerant music teachers who teach Piano, Guitar, Drums, Voice, and Bass. These lessons (available to Year 9-13 students) are timetabled and students are able to have a one on one lesson with an instrumental specialist!

Our goal as a department is to nurture and support our musicians, to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and to share their work. This encouragement of ‘risk taking’ is an important stepping stone for our learners as we support them on their journey towards our vision as ‘a centre of creative excellence he puna auaha’.

Communications, Confidence, and Creativity

Drama courses run for year 7-13 students and there are a variety of performance opportunities. The main focus is on life skills such as working with others, developing empathy, and communication skills. Performing arts help students develop an understanding of their own and others’ cultures. We explore storytelling with masks, puppets, film, and improvisation. We develop critical literacy skills using a broad range of texts from Dr. Seuss and school journals, to New Zealand theatre, contemporary musicals, and Shakespeare. We have regular Arts and Cultural events as students share their work with their community. We also facilitate theatre trips and host visiting performers and tutors from the community. The goal is to create empathetic, thoughtful, people who are open to enjoying the rich cultural world of theatre.